University Students & Faculty

As a part of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, the Weatherspoon Art Museum is dedicated to providing teaching and learning opportunities that inspire curiosity, promote visual literacy, and foster communication. 

Schedule your visit: ONLINE or call 336-334-5770 


Class size and chaperone requirements may vary with exhibitions. We recommend scheduling guided and self-guided visits at least three weeks in advance. See our general Tips for Visiting. 

Programs offered for university students and faculty include:

The Art of Seeing

This unique WAM initiative uses contemporary art to help students in nursing and health and human sciences fields enhance their visual diagnostic and communication skills while promoting awareness of the critical role observation plays in clinical practice. 90 minutes to 3 hours, in addition to pre-workshop consultation. 

Focus on Visual Literacy

Recognizing, understanding and analyzing ideas and information through images--rather than text--is central to developing visual literacy skills. Specific goals are discussed with faculty in advance and artworks are selected to foster collaborative, discussion-based teaching and learning in the galleries. Common themes address visual rhetoric, interpretation, and visual bias. 50-90 minutes.

Learning to Look 

Led by trained docents, students and adults are invited to explore the museum while trying out strategies for looking at and interpreting modern and contemporary art. 50 minutes. 

Visual Arts at UNCG

The UNCG Department of Art is located a short walk from the Weatherspoon in the Maud Gatewood Studio Arts Building. In addition to housing student and faculty studios and the UNCG Department of Interior Architecture, it also features the Gatewood Gallery, an exhibition space for faculty, visiting artists, undergraduate and graduate students, and special exhibitions. 

Since 1982, the Herbert and Louise Falk Visiting Artist program has been collaboratively produced by the Department of Art and the Weatherspoon Art Museum. The nationally renown program gives students at UNCG and members of the community an opportunity to meet and learn from artists who are active in the field of contemporary art. Chosen annually by the Falk Visiting Artist Commmittee, two artists are invited to present a solo exhibition at WAM and participate in a two-day residency including a critique with graduate students and a public talk.