Dillard Collection of Art on Paper

Dillard Collection of Art on Paper

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Highlights from the Dillard Collection of Art on Paper: Drawn Across the Century; 35th Anniversary

1999, 80 pp., 85 illus., $25

Authors: Douglas Dreishpoon, Nancy Doll, Joanna Moser

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Since 1965, the Weatherspoon Art Museum at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro has enjoyed the corporate benefaction of the Dillard Paper Company—now xpedx. The company’s generous support has enabled both the presentation of the Art on Paper exhibition and, through the Dillard Fund, the development of an important collection of works on paper purchased from those shows.

Anyone who has ever worked with drawings knows their value as primary documents, and that they tell a great deal about the creative process. Artists use drawing as a way to generate and stockpile ideas. Even under the most austere conditions, drawing requires only a pencil, some paper, and an idea. Drawings constitute a unique genre, and every artist, whether a painter, sculptor, or printmaker, develops a personal rapport with it, even while exploring various techniques and media. The Dillard Collection, conceived first and foremost as a teaching tool that offers students an empirical, hands-on encounter with original works of art, continues to function in that capacity.


Please note: Not all works of art or collections are on view at all times, particularly works from the Claribel and Etta Cone Collection and Lenoir C. Wright Collection. As we continue to digitize the nearly 6,000 objects in our collection, guests may view them online through our collection search.

Collection Highlights

Photo of In the Woods

Max Weber (1881-1961)

In the Woods - 1913


Hans Hofmann (1880-1966)

Untitled - 1949

Photo of Accumulated Self-Portrait

Julie Heffernan (b. 1956)

Accumulated Self-Portrait - 1996

Photo of Four Color Frame Painting #2

Robert Mangold (b. 1937)

Four Color Frame Painting #2 - 1983